Friday, February 6, 2015

Back from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. The
 D Train written and directed by Jarrad Paul and Andy Mogel and the film stars Jack Black, James Marsden, Catherine Hahn, and Jeffrey Tambor was very funny and a resounding success in its film debut. From the beginning to the ending it was a wonderful story of what a person will do to attempt to recapture what may not have happened in high school.  Set up for a twenty year reunion,  Jack Black's character will do whatever is necessary to prove himself a winner and in the process goes well beyond his normal life to accomplish it.  While the film has nothing to do with Senior Living Development or Consulting or Assisted Living Design and Development, it facilitated my discovery of the Senior Living options in Park City.  Combining two efforts at once is always useful and indicative of how Steinfeldt & Associates' streamlines our approach to consulting.  That is to have fun while we are productive. The film will likely be in theaters in May, 2015 as it was sold by Sony to IFC films.  If you like comedy and the opportunity to learn from ones mistakes you will thoroughly enjoy this film. I recommend that you see it as it is very thoughtful, at times a bit shocking, and a great story well told and extremely well acted.

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