Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Barbara at its finest on the Winter Solstice.  These images represent a significant reason so many elders move to Senior Living Communities in Santa Barbara.  Steinfeldt & Associates has worked on three major Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Santa Barbara assisting them with development services with the purpose of continuing their mission, assuring market share and long term financial viability.  Casa Dorinda, Valle Verde, and Vista del Monte are outstanding communities for active retirees as well providing assisted living, memory support, and skilled nursing when it is needed.  We invite you to visit our website often to view the services offered and the experience we have to share.  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vision of the Future

This incredible stain glass was created for a Senior Living Community during a master plan development.  The purpose of the artwork is to provide solace and vision for family members of senior housing during a time of transition for the resident.  The scene depicts the ocean and islands off the Santa Barbara coast with a view towards the sunset and beyond.  Life is always changing. I created the vision for this artistic expression with the idea that it would provide hope of a  Vision of the Future that might be there after life. We appreciate your interest in our blogs and welcome you to return often. Be sure and contact us at if we can be of help in senior living development, operational analyses and strategic planning

Friday, November 7, 2014

While on vacation in New Mexico we went to see the Earthships near Taos which are homes built off the grid.  In other words through the use of water saving cisterns, photovoltaic solar collectors, and the use of recycled tires and rammed earth these homes, once constructed, no longer require energy from outside sources.  Remarkable in their design they provide humidity to support plant growth within the house.  With minimal rainwater and snow collection the saved water is used four times before it is totally dispersed.  First used for showering and sinks, second for gray water for the plants inside the home, third to flush the toilet and lastly to irrigate any plants on the outside of the home. They appear to be very comfortable and because the earth is used to support the insulation very little heating is needed. While this might not be an alternative for all Seniors, it is a unique form by which Steinfeldt Senior Living Consultants and Development Consulting might coordinate this lifestyle for you.  Please contact us for more information at

Friday, October 3, 2014

The new Amigos Cafe will serve the residents of Valle Verde with a new dining experience in a casual and comfortable bistro setting.  Located centrally to the campus and contiguous to the revitalized pool and spa, this restaurant will be a great success.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eight long years in the making the ABHOW community known as Valle Verde Retirement Community in Santa Barbara has completed a major master redevelopment plan.  Steinfeldt & Associates managed the project through the challenging entitlement phase, design, and construction.  With the addition of forty new housing units and significant amenity improvements including a new Amigos cafĂ©, fitness center, multi-purpose theater, non-denominational chapel, and a two story administration building with bed and breakfast apartment units, Valle Verde retains its preeminent position serving Santa Barbara retirees.